Saturday, January 31, 2009

High expectation - just a far fetch.

9:33 a.m, 31-Jan 09, home.

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year (CNY), my family except myself was planning to go to Singapore for a holiday trip. My mum prepared and loaded everything into her car, the moment just about to enter the car 4 snatchers, one of them pounded on her, there goes her purse and money. Since when the snatchers are terribly good at the concept of "Just In Time (JIT)"?

Went to the police station to make a report but to no avail with an excuse of server down, couldn't key in report. I offered to write the report manually but was rejected and was requested to return when the server is up, duh!

Well after few hours, a Samaritan call us said he found our documents, intended to return to us. All documents were found except credit cards. Things start to get funnier, I hastenly informed to the police the whole situation, hoping the police will be able to detect and nab the culprit asap once they swapped the cards. Here's the dialogue via phone:

I: "Puan, semua dokumen telah dijumpai kecuali kad kredit."

While speaking, somehow my brain was operating at 300 Giga "imagination" per seconds with mind maps pluses animation of Hong Kong action movies :p:

Inspector:目标人物出现,目标人物出现!全世界 STANDBY!, 全世界 STANDBY!”。

The instance where the card is swapped,

Inspector:ACTION!SDU Go Go Go!".

Action packed with glass breaking, SDU rolling, smoke bomb, targeting, aiming ensue!

Pity, the adrenaline rush was short-life and this was the reply I got:

Puan: "Kad kredit adalah urusan bank, sila berurus the bank!".

I: "Huh! ar!".

Puan: "Sila berurus dengan bank".

Hah! "High expectation is just a far fetch" :). Well, lucky us no physical injury though the snatchers were wielded with a parang!

Non-related sentence:

Content makes poor men rich, discontent makes rich men poor - Benjamin Franklin.


-keef- said...

gosh...thankfully your mum's alright...

Preston said...

Yeah she's alright but RM1000 gone! I suspect the person return the documents are part of the syndicate...very suspicious....hmmmm.

anechoic said...

wah damn jialat like that...

so didn'g to SG lor? anyway lucky found back the documents lor..

Su said...

'poh choi dong choay' ah ... money lost can earn back, lucky everyone is safe especially your mother.

Preston said...

Everyone was shocked and mood spoilt by the snatchers, the trip was cancelled. Lucky the docs were found especially passport.

@Su & Keef.
Thank you for your concern, she's all right.

To everyone, kindly be extremely careful especially during these times. More "stunt" man will prevail.

Ricky said...

Feel sorry for you. Hope you all well now. Now evil people and evil deeds are everywhere, isn't it. Just pick up the newspaper...